Artist website with an anarcho/dirty feel.

Dominique Muszynski is a costume designer at the Theater Aachen.
Well, she's doing something else these days, but she spent quite a lot of her life designing costumes, or carefully arranging the outfits for theater plays in Aachen and other places.

She also did some stage design. The stage for Orpheus² was magnificent.
(and Ole Hübner is a mad genius.)

There is also a bunch of non-work photography, where you get the idea that every photo has a life of its own.

I guess one could summarize it as "I don't do boring".

The challenge for the website was to present her work in a design that does not look like the nth clean and shiny portfolio website.
It had to be messy and organic, but at the same time provide a pleasant and efficient content management experience, where it is easy to post new content with plenty of images.
(Hint: There is a Fancybox gallery on each post)

We stole some ideas from elsewhere, but also did a lot of custom tweaking and decorations, until we were happy with the result.

I am to blame for the finger smudging effect. My arts teacher in school never liked this, so I guess this is a late revenge.
Btw these smudgy effects are created with Could have used Photoshop instead, but why not try this fancy tool..