Dependency injection

A series about dependency injection containers.

All (*) the procedural pasta salad of Drupal 7 core, turned into services with dependency injection because we can?
(and because PHPUnit, and because ..)
(*) exaggerating.

No, this is not Drupal 8. It is just a testing ground for xautoload.

A one-off service container that is simpler than Pimple.

It will not be very flexible or reusable, it will just do the job.
And your IDE will love it!

One of the great new things in Drupal 8 is that it comes with a dependency injection container ("DIC").
In fact, it borrows the dependency injection container component from Symfony..

If you don't like the DIC from Symfony, you could try Pimple instead.
Or you can skip to the next article, and build your own.