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An open platform to sell bicycles.

(original work by a different provider)

Drupal 7 with search_api and facetapi.
Custom facet url mapping for deep landing pages like.

(SEO improvements still in progress)

Avian Bike

A startup dealing with E-Bikes, located in Berlin, and run by a friend of mine.


Team: See (electronics for bitcoin)

An online shop where you can buy electronics products, and pay with Bitcoin.


  • Drupal Commerce
  • Regular CSV imports for new product data
  • Responsive layout with Bootstrap + 480px breakpoint.
  • Custom DS layouts, views plugins and menupoly themes for Bootstrap integration.
  • Modular frontpage with Paragraphs
  • Custom price formatters to show the BTC price alongside the EUR price, even on checkout.

Artist website with an anarcho/dirty feel.

Dominique Muszynski is a costume designer at the Theater Aachen.
Well, she's doing something else these days, but she spent quite a lot of her life designing costumes, or carefully arranging the outfits for theater plays in Aachen and other places.

She also did some stage design. The stage for Orpheus² was magnificent.
(and Ole Hübner is a mad genius.)

There is also a bunch of non-work photography, where you get the idea that every photo has a life of its own.

I guess one could summarize it as "I don't do boring".

The challenge for the website was to present her work in a design that does not look like the nth clean and shiny portfolio website.
It had to be messy and organic, but at the same time provide a pleasant and efficient content management experience, where it is easy to post new content with plenty of images.
(Hint: There is a Fancybox gallery on each post)

We stole some ideas from elsewhere, but also did a lot of custom tweaking and decorations, until we were happy with the result.

I am to blame for the finger smudging effect. My arts teacher in school never liked this, so I guess this is a late revenge.
Btw these smudgy effects are created with Could have used Photoshop instead, but why not try this fancy tool..

Souren Meubels is a Dutch family-run business for quality Teak furniture, that since a few years is expanding into the online market. I've been working on this site together with guaka since a few years.

Features and challenges:

  • Drupal Commerce, with some advanced checkout and shipping logic.
  • Product information architecture and display, with custom modules around Display suite and Views.
  • SEO (mostly by guaka)
  • Modular frontpage with Paragraphs.
  • Responsive layout with Bootstrap 3.
  • Multisite with focused sub-sites for improved SEO, with some data migration between sites.


An Israeli human rights organization.

B'Tselem has championed human rights in the West Bank and Gaza Strip for over two decades, promoting a future where all Israelis and Palestinians will live in freedom and dignity.

Features / callenges: