Crumbs Presentation at Bxl2011

The slides are online! (EDIT: not really, atm)
I did not really have the time to add some nice CSS - next one will be more beautiful.

Feb 07, 2011.
It was an eventful weekend on the Drupal Developer Days, and I missed a lot of the Sunday presentations. Luckily I did not miss my own, Using Crumbs To Build A Consistent Hierarchical Site Structure., and was able to finish the slides just in time. Almost..

The presentation was about the Crumbs module, which wants to solve all your problems related to breadcrumbs, menu trail, theme switching and anything related to site hierarchy.

The Slides

As promised, finally we have the slides online. Yes, this is all HTML + CSS.

Some of the texts have been improved since the day of the presentation. I might continue to improve it, if you have any suggestions, to turn this into a nice getting-started clickthrough.