Andreas Hennings aka "donquixote", is a freelance software developer currently located in Aachen, Germany, specialized in Drupal development.

He is passionate about OpenSource development, and enjoys to give back to the community - as a maintainer of various Drupal modules, as a contributor to Drupal core, Composer and other projects.

Studied Physics, Math and Computer science (esp. CG and HCI).

Stuff that makes him happy:
- Small losely coupled classes.
- Imagination.
- Knowledge.
- Nature and "social" stuff.

Xavier Dutoit (TechToThePeople), currently located in Brussels, Belgium is one of the main contributors to the CiviCRM contact management system for the civic sector, and enthusiastic about democracy, transparency and digital activism. Together we help NGOs and other clients to get the best out of their web technology, especially when it is about Drupal and CiviCRM.

Kasper Souren (guaka) is an expert in Drupal, MediaWiki, SEO and other things, currently located in Brussels, Belgium, enthusiastic about traveling, languages, hospitality exchange, gift economies, and more.
Together we are building and developing a number of Drupal commerce sites, including and, where Andreas usually focuses on the heavy lifting, such as complex data imports.

(I have been working with some other clients that I am not going to disclose atm)