My name is Andreas. I'm a web developer.

I do most of my work with Drupal and PHP.
You can look at code that I released to the public - mostly Drupal modules and PHP libraries.

Clients can hire me to spice up their Drupal team, or to help out with hard Drupal-related problems.
I do most of my (freelance) work remotely from home, but you are free to ask me about an on-site contract.
I enjoy projects where I can participate in the architecture and planning, and where I am involved long enough to get to know the team and understand the big picture of things.

I am not completely opposed to regular employment. But I would prefer to do get to know the company with some freelance work first.


My personal long-term vision or quest is to achieve a site-building workflow that is completely modular, and based on simple SOLID components.
This applies to modules and libraries that I publish, as well as client projects that I plan.
As part of this quest, I published a series of modules, with its centerpiece being the Configurator Plugin API
Of course I will also use existing solutions from the Drupal modulesphere, such as Display suite or Paragraphs, where they make sense.

I would love to work with people who share these goals!


When I am not doing any code stuff, I like to travel.

What I don't like to do in my free time is to update this website. Please be forgiving.