Drupal Commerce goes Teak

I've been working with guaka since 2010. After getting to know him from our mutual interest in an Open Source hospitality exchange website, our first Drupal project has been a migration project of an Israeli human rights NGO site from ASP to Drupal 6.

Now since quite some time I am helping out with Drupal special tactics on a family of furniture sites for Souren Furniture in the Netherlands, all running on Drupal Commerce.

X Autoload: Performance

For performance, the goal is:

  • As a minimum, to be competitive with existing solutions (currently looking at symfony and Composer)
  • To be 90% competitive with the theoretical optimum.

X Autoload: Unit test abstractions, InjectedAPIs

This is part of a series about X Autoload

Virtualize the filesystem.

In symfony, a class finder implementation needs to do a file_exists() whenever it finds a candidate filepath. If that passes, it will return the candidate filepath.

X Autoload: Slicing it up

This is part of a series about X Autoload

Subject: Separation of concerns, composition over inheritance.

symfony's class loader

The existing autoload libraries found in symfony framework and reused in Drupal 8 core, basically consist of one object doing the entire job:

  • UniversalClassLoader implements PEAR and PSR-0.

X Autoload: Namespace registration interface

This is part of a series about X Autoload

Currently the xautoload_ClassFinder_NamespaceOrPrefix does support these registration methods:

 * Register a PSR-0 root path for a given namespace.
 * Example:
 *   $finder->registerNamespaceDeep('abc\def', 'x/yz');
 *   $finder->findFile('abc\def\Some_Class');
 *   // this will attempt to find the file in

X Autoload: "PSR-0-NG"

This is one part in a rather technical series about
X Autoload

PSR-0 and PEAR

Some time ago, the PHP framework interoperability group, consisting of people from different PHP frameworks, published a standard called PSR-0, with policies about how to namespace a class, and where to put the file the class lives in.

The requirements of PSR-0 are described here: https://github.com/php-fig/fig-standards/blob/master/accepted/PSR-0.md

Most importa

X Autoload: Dev notes

or: How to write a PHP autoloader.

This is a technical document, explaining implementation details for the X Autoload module on drupal.org.

Please apologize if the document may be incomplete.

Imagene sample images

animelion on drupal.org asked me for some example images using the Imagene gradient generator.

Here are some. I might be extending this post in the future.

You need javascript enabled to see the gradients. Use your favourite web developer tools (Firebug etc) to inspect the elements and see the background image url.

Vertical gradients

With only two colors, you can achieve a lot of different gradients: Linear, cubic, etc.

Transparency gradients

Fix Nautilus appearance on Ubuntu 11.x

Sometimes after a restart on Ubuntu 11.10, if using the "Gnome classic" desktop, Nautilus will appear in an ugly old-school design.

To fix this, type in your commandline:

pkill gnome-settings-daemon

And, if you like:

killall nautilus

And now tell me, why is this all so broken.


Linux bash history with Page up / Page down

In linux you can configure the pgup/pgdown keys to navigate through commands you typed that begin with the string you just typed. Type "mysql" and then hit "Page up", and you will see nothing but mysql-related commands.

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